Our Story

The track was built by Long Islanders who love motocross and needed a place to ride. We have been fighting for 12 years to be recognized by our town when on June 6, 2017 the fire marshall put a lock on our gate. We have since written legislation to include motocross as an outdoor recreational activity, changed our zoning and secured a special use permit to operate. All with the support of our membership, the AMA and countless others. Re-opening in March 2018.  Now we have to pay for it. (read more)

As part of our permit agreement we have to sidewalk, curb and pave 250' of 10th street leading up to our gate. Erect a 450' x 10' high fence with dust mitigation screening. We also have to pave our parking lot, plant 205 trees around the property and construct a permanent bathroom facility with handicap ramp. We need the support of our members and the entire motocross community.